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Recently I moved this site to because it is one of the approved WordPress provider and there are many hosting plans for all pockets, and Ive subscribed the basic one ( with unlimited space, domains, websites, mails and more. I want to use this space also for some clients that have little websites so I can share the cost of the hosting.

When you open a BlueHost accont, you need to declare the main domain (in my case il and, if you want to install WordPress under the root of you domain (in my case all WP files are located directly under the /public_html/ directory that is the root of your space. 

I’m a very tidy person ;) so I want that all domains and all sites are in their own subdirectory and directories must have this structure:


First problem for my compulsive order is that doesn’t permit to move the WP files under a subdirectory without change the URL of you site (example: Of course you can move WP in a subdirectory, but I do not like at all to change standard WP files and links inside posts ( here is what a mean: ; you have to change the file index.php and copy it in the root directory of the server; you have to change permalinks, and so on).
So I decided to work only on the .htaccess file.

I have read tons of pages on “how to move a WordPress site” but I didn’t find anything useful about this case: move a WordPress site from the document root to a subdirectory, without modifying WP original files, without modifying “home” and “site_url“, permalinks or links to media contents (/wp-content/uploads/... )

So this is the procedure I used:

  • I moved my old WP installation to following these instructions HERE (WP was instaled under main domain,, and all files were in the root of server directly under /public_html/ directory);
  • Via FTP I created the correct directory to host WP files (of curse, correct for my compulsive order need ;) ) : /public_html/lolloland/www
  • I moved all files from /public_html/ to /public_html/lolloland/www EXCEPT the file .htaccess (and php.ini if any);
  • I modified .htaccess file modifying the original configuration of Apache MOD_REWRITE in this way:
# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ 
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !lolloland/www/
RewriteRule (.*) /lolloland/www/$1 [L]

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [NC,L]

# END WordPress

After that I was able to transfer all other domains on installing them in their own directories (/domain1/www, /domain2/www, …) using, in that case, the standard BlueHost’s WordPress installation procedure.

If you move other domains in your space on BlueHost you MUST NOT REMOVE the two lines of .htaccess file reguarding the directive RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} otherwise you’ll receive for these domains a “500 server error” message.

 I hope this post could be useful for everyboby! ;)



Boring Video ADS on Youtube seem to download content from the domain, precisely from the url .

A very simple procedure to avoid Video Ads is to modify the (famous) HOSTS file letting your operating system to resolve the domain with ip (your own system) actually blocking downloads of pages, code and videos from the ads system. I prefer this procedure than many others you can find on internet because it’s not necessary to install anything on you computer. 

How to do it (I assume you have a Windows machine, if not, find the HOSTS file on your system):

  1. Start Menu -> Accessories -> right click on “Command prompt” -> click on “Run as administrator“. A black window will open. If you have a Windows XP pc, simply open a commad prompt window;
  2. cut and paste in the command window this string “notepad c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” (then press “enter” key);
  3. notepad will open, then put those lines at the end of file

    (without quotes) You should see something like the picture;
    [Update Feb 6th, 2014: last line has been added to try and solve what seems to be an architectural change of Youtube. You’ll probably see somewhere in some pages an iframe with a “Connection problem” note, don’t mind about it]

  4. close notepad saving the file;
  5. in the command window run this command ipconfig /flushdns (“enter“!) to flush DNS cache of your PC;
  6. close the command window.

Try to navigate Youtube, now you shouldn’t see any Video ADS before your preferred videos.


NOTE: Thank you to Lorenz for troubleshooting and comments.


Here are the best two pages I ever found about recovery an single Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailbox.

The first one, “Uncovering the new Exchange 2010 Volume Snapshot (VSS) Plug-in (Part 2)” is from (look at some MSEx’s. RSS here) and explains how to recover a database and then how to recover single mailbox’s contents (look also at the “Part 1” of the same article if you’re interested).

The second one is the quick guide of the command “Restore-Mailbox” from Microsoft Technet and explains “Restore-Mailbox” syntax with also many examples that better fit the command in real-world scenarios.

Don’t miss them!

… And pray to never need them…


BLACK HOLE - Orologio LED a visualizzazione tangenzialeHo comprato l’orologio “BLACK HOLE – Orologio LED a visualizzazione tangenziale” (codice #00194844) sul sito MiniInTheBox e sono diventato matto per capire come impostare l’ora perche’, contrariamente ai soliti orologi, non ha pulsanti e l’unica modalità di input e’ lo schermo touch screen.





Questo e’ quello che bisogna fare per impostare l’ora:

  1. Tocca lo scermo e visualizza l’ora;
  2. Visualizzata l’ora, tocca lo schermo per 8 volte di fila e poi tieni premuto finche’ il led dell’ora comincia a lampeggiare (piu’ velocemente di quando si visualizza semplicemente l’ora);
  3. Tocca lo schermo per cambiare le ore, ogni volta che si tocca si va avanti di un’ora;
  4. Sistemata l’ora, tocca lo schermo finche’ i minuti non cominciano a lampeggiare;
  5. Ogni volta che si tocca lo schermo si va avanti di un minuto;
  6. Quando finito, aspettare che l’orologio si spenga (in 3 secondi circa).

Non e’ stata facile ma alla fine ce l’abbiamo fatta! 8-)



  • Queste istruzioni vanno bene anche per l’orologio “touch screen creative bianco e blu ha portato guardare braccialetto lampeggiante” (codice #00194842) e il nome del prodotto vi dice tutto sulla qualità della traduzione del sito (!);
  • Link  alle istruzioni in CINESE (minchia!) e in un non ben identificato dialetto inglese.


Here is a script that could be used to change computer’s description on every Windows machine in your domain using machine description stored in Active Directory. This script is very useful if you desire to align AD machine’s description with computer’s description you can see when you browse your windows network.

It could be better if you download the script from HERE (rename it .VBS). You should invoke it from a machine logon script inside an Active Directory computers’ policy, something like that:



cscript //NoLogo \\DOMAIN.NET\Share\Script\ClientManagement\ChangeComputerComment\ChangeComputerComment.vbs


Inside the script you can find some comments that can help you to undestand the logic. It has been tested with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

If you have any comments or questions, place them HERE



This post is inspired by this one on : Automatically fill the computer description field in Active Directory (but my script is elder! Sept. 7th, 2006  ;-) )


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