E poi lentamente, molto lentamente, dimentichi. Le persone, quelle che sembravano indelebili sbiadiscono a poco a poco.
Dimentichi. Li dimentichi tutti quanti. Persino quelli che dicevi di amare e quelli che amavi veramente. Sono gli ultimi a scomparire. E una volta che hai scordato abbastanza, puoi amare qualcun altro.

Gabrielle Zevin

HTTS url

Today I’ve installed an SSL certificate on my blog, also to comply to Google’s recommendations about https and it’s SEO implications.
Now LollOland is safer than ever! Do you fill safer now?  😉

Inventiamo una montagna di consumo superfluo che noi compriamo e buttiamo via. Perché quando io compro qualcosa, o tu, non lo compri con i soldi ma con il tempo della tua vita che impieghi per avere più soldi. Questa è la differenza: che tu non puoi comprare la vita. La vita va vissuta. E’ terribile barattare la tua vita perdendo la tua libertà.

Boring Video ADS on Youtube seem to download content from many URI all around internet. Thank to Firebug (Mozilla Plugin) it’s very simple to individuate domains from which your browser downloads ADS and Video ADS when you watch Youtube’s Video.

FireBug Screenshot

Red lines are contents not downloaded.

A very simple procedure to avoid Video Ads is to modify the (famous) HOSTS file letting your operating system to resolve the domains involved in the ADS network with ip (your own system) actually blocking downloads of pages, code and ADS videos. I prefer this procedure than many others you can find on internet because it’s not necessary to install anything on you computer.

How to do it (I assume you have a Windows machine, if not, find the HOSTS file for your system):

  1. Start Menu -> Accessories -> right click on “Command prompt” -> click on “Run as administrator“.
    A black window will open. If you have a Windows XP pc, simply open a commad prompt window;
  2. cut and paste in the command window this string “notepad c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” (then press “enter” key);
  3. notepad will open, then put those lines at the end of file:        s0.2mdn.net        googleads.g.doubleclick.net        ad.doubleclick.net        files.adform.net        secure-ds.serving-sys.com

    (without quotes)
    You should see something like the picture;

    [Update] No Youtube ads
    close notepad saving the file;

  4. in the command window run this command ipconfig /flushdns (“enter“!) to flush DNS cache of your PC;
  5. close the command window.

Try to navigate Youtube, now you shouldn’t see any Video ADS before your preferred videos.


  • It may be the first host is no more strictly necessary, but if it remains in the hosts file is not a problem;
  • It may be introdused a delay from the page loading and the start of videos, only few seconds. That’s because browser has to wait the abortion of connections to localhost (;
  • It may be possible not all necessary hosts are indicated in this post. Some hosts may change, depend of you location around the World due to resources distribution. Please, use FireBug to update your own host lists (and send me a message so I can update too! 😉 );
  • Playlists are not affected by any problem. You can enjoy your music without any ADS interruption.


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